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The book of the day today is by Parogar, known to the Kindle world as Kevin Weinberg. It's a bit of an oddity because this book will be featured under both Wattpad books and published books! Why?

Because today, Psych Investigation Episodes (Episode 1) went live on Amazon! Congratulations, Parogar!

We've been following his books for a while now and can assure you that his brilliant Science Fiction and Fantasy crowd-pleaser will not disappoint!

It's a highly original blend of adventure and humor! Hear what other people are saying about it on Amazon:

"What a great book (part1). As soon as I started reading I could not stop and had to finish it as soon as possible. Support this great young and upcoming writer. " - Dzl_83

"Fabulous job at making these extraordinary people so darn human. Very easy to relate to the characters. I love the humor and Jack
[Character] always has me laughing. Great read and props to Mr. Weinberg." - kaidyn

Sound interesting? Well, it's currently only $0.99 on Amazon! Want to buy it and support this awesome author? Check it out on Amazon! 

Enjoyed it? Read more of Parogar's works on Wattpad!

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