Is that another rhyme? I think I'm getting good at this!


This post is to let users of this website (Which are actually quite a few more than I expected. I'm impressed and would like to extend thanks to those who check this website from time to time or even daily. You make my statistics happy) know that there's a reason why the book of the day hasn't been changed since (I can't remember). I've been busy, and sick, and pondering life, and all those other things that happen from time to time. Except for pondering life. (Which isn't really just life, it's more writing.) That happens way more often. Anyway.

So, I'd like to get back to doing book of the days. I'm planning a few at a time now, because thankfully there are always new good reads. Not all of them will be the complete, amazing, totally awe-inspiring books that the first few have been but we'll see.

The title of the awesome book likely to be our next Book of the Day may or may not be released in this blog post. I may just keep everyone coming back to check.


Anyway. Expect to see a new Book of the Day super-soon (You can watch my Wattpad accounts for activity in that portion of things) as well as more work being done on the other pages. (Like Wattpad Authors and Books) Currently the only unchanging, more-or-less complete page is "About" but I might change that up from time to time.

Right now, because I'm feeling inspired, I would love to go grab the title of that awesome book as well as send out some broadcasts on my Wattpad accounts, but sadly Wattpad is doing something to their servers. A shame.

Because I'd like an easier way for people to chat with me and others about books, I'm planning on another social media account. Maybe.

Come back soon for more content, info, and Books of the Day!
Hooray! Wow, I just don't have time to write blog posts. Well, whatever.

It seems we've already finished up with the (Amazing) Second Nature and have moved on to ironkite's A Touch of Poison, our current Book of the Day. Congratulations! I also suggest checking out ironkite's Two Cats for more awesome Fantasy action on Wattpad.

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Today's (Aug. 26's) Book of the Day has been decided! We will be featuring the brilliant Romance, Science Fiction and Adventure novel by Wattpad and Amazon author Mark Canter!

Look for the review, which will be complete in an hour or two!
Well, I thought I might have to clear up a few things about The Book of the Day just in case some people are a bit confused.

The main thing is, The Book of the Day isn't just one day. No, currently The Book of the Day (TBotD) stays up on the home page for 2-4 days, maybe more if I'm too busy. Why?

Well, basically, this website isn't that popular yet. Therefore, it would kinda suck to have maybe three people look at your book on the front page (on a good day) and therefore I'm leaving them up longer out of kindness for the authors.

Then, there's the other two reasons, one being I'm lazy (well, actually just busy) so it's hard to get one out every day and the other being that there just aren't enough books. I want to keep this website running for a looooong time. So I might have to resort to my own books at one point. ^^
For those of you not so trusting, who wonder if we're accepting bribes from authors to promote their books, here's our policy:

We use this website as a reading site. It is for three different kinds of people: The readers, who need a good read; us, who want to find more good books; and the writers, who deserve to be known. We are just like you, readers who want to find good books. You can trust that we will always try to only promote, review, and suggest good books. This means we will be picky in our selection. Despite this, sometimes we will post reviews of books that aren't as great - but we will outline all faults in the review.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions! Don't forget to leave comments on our blog posts or submit contact me forms to give us much-needed feedback!
It's true - Just like the sky is blue! See? I rhymed?


No applause? Okay, okay, I see.

I see...


Over the course of three days, including today, I've managed to get this site up-and-running, and I'm proud of it. That means it's time to open a site info page... Which I will be doing soon.

It's also about time someone starts commenting on these blog posts of mine. Sure, there's only two, buuuuuuut...

Anyway. I've been getting submissions and stuff, and that's awesome! I'd like to note that because I have to be unbearably honest, I will ignore MANY submissions. If you'd like feedback for your work, I'd suggest taking a look at Wattpad's critiquing club or the SYS - Share Your Story Club.

That being said, I'd like to move on to today's book of the day: Paladin!

This is an awesome Fantasy tale by Wattpad member SallySlater, and if I had to sum it up in one sentence I'd say: It's more than meets the eye. That's certainly true with this book!

Really, it's not as popular as it should be, but I'm sure it'll get there. For now...
Hello and welcome to Better Books!

Better Books is a review site to help you find the books you want to read. Often, these books can be read for free on the world's largest e-book community: Wattpad! If you've never been to Wattpad before, we highly encourage you to give it a look.

Otherwise, welcome to to Better Books! We hope you find something that interests you.

The book of the day today is by Parogar, known to the Kindle world as Kevin Weinberg. It's a bit of an oddity because this book will be featured under both Wattpad books and published books! Why?

Because today, Psych Investigation Episodes (Episode 1) went live on Amazon! Congratulations, Parogar!

We've been following his books for a while now and can assure you that his brilliant Science Fiction and Fantasy crowd-pleaser will not disappoint!

It's a highly original blend of adventure and humor! Hear what other people are saying about it on Amazon:

"What a great book (part1). As soon as I started reading I could not stop and had to finish it as soon as possible. Support this great young and upcoming writer. " - Dzl_83

"Fabulous job at making these extraordinary people so darn human. Very easy to relate to the characters. I love the humor and Jack
[Character] always has me laughing. Great read and props to Mr. Weinberg." - kaidyn

Sound interesting? Well, it's currently only $0.99 on Amazon! Want to buy it and support this awesome author? Check it out on Amazon! 

Enjoyed it? Read more of Parogar's works on Wattpad!

Have a great day!