Is that another rhyme? I think I'm getting good at this!


This post is to let users of this website (Which are actually quite a few more than I expected. I'm impressed and would like to extend thanks to those who check this website from time to time or even daily. You make my statistics happy) know that there's a reason why the book of the day hasn't been changed since (I can't remember). I've been busy, and sick, and pondering life, and all those other things that happen from time to time. Except for pondering life. (Which isn't really just life, it's more writing.) That happens way more often. Anyway.

So, I'd like to get back to doing book of the days. I'm planning a few at a time now, because thankfully there are always new good reads. Not all of them will be the complete, amazing, totally awe-inspiring books that the first few have been but we'll see.

The title of the awesome book likely to be our next Book of the Day may or may not be released in this blog post. I may just keep everyone coming back to check.


Anyway. Expect to see a new Book of the Day super-soon (You can watch my Wattpad accounts for activity in that portion of things) as well as more work being done on the other pages. (Like Wattpad Authors and Books) Currently the only unchanging, more-or-less complete page is "About" but I might change that up from time to time.

Right now, because I'm feeling inspired, I would love to go grab the title of that awesome book as well as send out some broadcasts on my Wattpad accounts, but sadly Wattpad is doing something to their servers. A shame.

Because I'd like an easier way for people to chat with me and others about books, I'm planning on another social media account. Maybe.

Come back soon for more content, info, and Books of the Day!
I just realized that this website has been on hiatus for a year.
7/15/2013 04:29:23 pm



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