Well, I thought I might have to clear up a few things about The Book of the Day just in case some people are a bit confused.

The main thing is, The Book of the Day isn't just one day. No, currently The Book of the Day (TBotD) stays up on the home page for 2-4 days, maybe more if I'm too busy. Why?

Well, basically, this website isn't that popular yet. Therefore, it would kinda suck to have maybe three people look at your book on the front page (on a good day) and therefore I'm leaving them up longer out of kindness for the authors.

Then, there's the other two reasons, one being I'm lazy (well, actually just busy) so it's hard to get one out every day and the other being that there just aren't enough books. I want to keep this website running for a looooong time. So I might have to resort to my own books at one point. ^^

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